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Combined, we have taught yoga, dance and AcroYoga for over ten years in institutions, studios and corporate settings. Building on these years of teaching multi-disciplinary movement styles to students, clients and companies we are passionate about the plethora of benefits that AcroYoga can add as a discipline to any environment. AcroYoga offers a very clear and concise approach to human connection and trust. We emphasise teaching with a focus on establishing a good groundwork of weight transfer, counterbalance, communication, trust, and alignment before transitioning to creative explorations. 

As contemporary dancers, Rob and Julie have a passion for AcroYoga Collective to offer new approaches to contemporary dance technique with AcroYoga as a foundation. The interplay of these different movement practices helps to improve confidence in working collaboratively with each other, gain more strength and stamina, understand alignment, expand movement vocabulary, improve ability to invert and ways of communicating - both verbally and physically. 



An explorative nature of inquisitiveness, not taking oneself too seriously and daring to fail in the act of learning something new.


An approach of generosity and respect; supportive of other people and perspectives.


A willingness to learn from others, valuing unity and community, and being adaptable to change.

Valuing honesty and clarity in all types of communication. Establishing connections grounded in truth and reliability.


Establishing connections grounded in truth and reliability.


"AcroYoga is a liberating experience. It was not so much about physical strength than about trusting your partner and working with them. So as soon as my partner and I got the right positioning and synchronised our movements, I discovered my body had abilities I was never aware of before. AcroYoga is like dancing, I am not so much aware of the exercising but more focused on the rhythm."


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